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Do you have a knack for computers? If so, you should consider a career in coding. This lucrative industry is rapidly growing and continuously looking for newcomers who are motivated and hard working. Get yourself ready to amaze the hiring managers with The Coding 101 Bundle.

Normally $1,990, you can save 99 percent by paying what you want

Normally $1,990, you can save 99 percent by paying what you want

Pay What You Want: The Coding 101 Bundle

This bundle includes 10 courses on how to get master the fundamentals of programming. When you have experienced teachers guiding you every step of the way, learning is a lot easier. In this course, you’ll have veteran coders demonstrating the utility of indispensable skills that every programmer should know like HTML, CSS, Java, Python, and much more. As your skill grows, you’ll start to build your own code and learn how to use GitHub to organize and synthesize your own path.

The future is beckoning. Don’t put off your future because great opportunities don’t last long. Get yourself The Coding 101 Bundle today. Best of all, this 10-course bundle is currently a Pay What You Want deal. That means you name the price. If your price is greater than the average, you’ll walk away with the entire bundle. If your price is lower than the average, you’ll still get a large chunk of the course bundle. Additionally, everybody on the leaderboard for highest paid prices will automatically be entered into a giveaway to win $500 of Ethereum!

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