Trump-Kim Summit Sparks Hope For Similar Resolution In Middle East


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Israeli leaders from both sides of the political spectrum expressed hope for resolution in the Middle East following the Trump-Kim meeting on Tuesday, The Times of Israel reports.

Avi Gabbay, chief of Israel’s left-leaning Labor Party, tweeted that the Singapore Summit is just the beginning.

“Leaders with the courage to initiate and bring [people] together can make all the difference,” Gabbay said. “What happened tonight between the United States and North Korea can happen here in the Middle East, too, or anywhere. It sounds crazy until it happens,” he said, referring to conflict with Palestinians, according to The Times.

And Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, a lawmaker in Israel’s right-wing Likud party, referred to the summit as “an incredible step, not only for South Korea but for the whole world.”

Edelstein said after the summit that he’s hopeful similar denuclearization can occur in Iran, a regime whose nuclear weapons directly threaten Israel. “I hope the agreement that Trump and Kim have signed will lead to a similar process in our region.”

“A few years ago, we couldn’t imagine that regimes of this sort will surrender their weapons and power. I hope this process, which begins today, will create a desire for similar processes in the Middle East,” he said. Edelstein is Speaker of the Knesset legislature.

President Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong-un closed their Singapore meeting Tuesday by signing a joint statement promising to denuclearize the peninsula.