Meghan McCain: ‘We Can’t Undersell How Historic’ Trump-Kim Summit Was [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Meghan McCain said “we can’t undersell how historic” the meeting was that President Donald Trump had with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The comments came on “The View” Tuesday during a panel discussion about the Trump-Kim summit as the co-hosts battled over whether or not the meeting accomplished something other presidents were unable to do.

Whoopi Goldberg said the “broad” pledge the two signed to denuclearize the Korean peninsula was “short on details.” She also questioned whether we can take Trump or Kim at their word, because “both words are sometimes fluid.” McCain then shared how historic it was, while noting the North Korean leader’s brutality.

“We can’t undersell how historic it is, though,” McCain explained. “Just even getting him to the table is — I mean I never thought I would see this in my lifetime whatsoever. So I give Trump credit for this.”

“It’s just that it was the ‘we can put real estate in North Korea.’ It’s like, people are being starved and tortured and raped and killed,” she continued. You don’t even have internet access. How are you supposed to have beachfront property?”

Goldberg said Trump was wrong when he said that no one had done this and claimed that “everybody’s tried to do this” and Sunny Hostin interjected and claimed that Trump just taking the meeting without any “preconditions” was a mistake. McCain then let them both have it.

“So it’s not that people haven’t been trying you know because when I listened — and I actually listened to a lot of it when he [Trump] was saying ‘no one’s done this. I can’t just say [Barack] Obama, its nobody’s had it,'” Goldberg shared. “It’s like, no, dude, everybody’s tried to do this and everyone has said, listen, we tried to do this and they stepped away from the table.”

“Nobody had a meeting though. I mean that is the historic difference,” McCain answered.

“Donald trump said if I’m wrong I will admit it. Yeah, right, when pigs fly,” Behar snapped back. “When has he ever admitted that  he’s wrong?”

“Madeleine Albright came on our show and talked about her meeting with Kim Jong-un’s father,” Hostin responded. “And she said a lot of promises were made and while she was there, they were enriching their uranium at the same time. So to believe that Kim Jong-un is going to give away his nuclear arsenal which really gives him the power, I think we went too far and perhaps giving him validity.”

“We haven’t gone too far because nothing’s happened yet,” McCain shared. “So, now we went too far by even meeting with him?”

“I just said I think the president meeting with him without any preconditions certainly gave him the credibility that he wants,” Hostin responded.