Rand Paul Hopes John Bolton Was ‘At The Children’s Table’ During North Korea Summit

Scott Morefield | Reporter

Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul told Fox News host Neil Cavuto on Tuesday that he hoped National Security Advisor John Bolton sat at “the children’s table” during the North Korea summit.

“John Bolton was at the table,” said Cavuto during a discussion about differences in foreign policy. “I’m sure the president had that by design … What did you make of it?”


“My hope is that he was at the children’s table and that he wasn’t influencing the discussion among adults,” responded Paul, who has historically been critical of hawks like Bolton. (RELATED: Rand Paul Had The Ultimate Response To Brennan’s ‘Disgraced Demagogue’ Comment About Trump)

Paul was optimistic about the steps President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made towards peace. (RELATED: President Trump’s Chances Of Winning Nobel Peace Prize Just Went Through The Roof)

“I think giving up the war games, which happens twice a year, is a perfectly appropriate thing to do, as President Trump said, as long as there’s progress,” Paul said before expressing hope for a time when there would be no need for international troops in Korea. “North Korea offered to do no more testing — that’s not denuclearization, but those are two good initial steps.”

“Stuff and economic prosperity makes people long for freedom,” said the Kentucky senator while stating the need for a more “nuanced” approach.

“This is what the neocons will never understand,” said Paul. “They think it will be either Hiroshima or unconditional surrender – all or nothing.”

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