‘You Moron!’ — Fireworks Ensue On ‘The Five’ When Juan Williams Misrepresents Gutfeld On NoKo

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Things got heated in a hurry Tuesday when The Five’s liberal co-host Juan Williams took a shot at Greg Gutfeld and President Trump while discussing the North Korea summit.

“He is celebrating himself. He’s rationalizing what he did before,” Williams said of President Trump’s previous rhetoric against North Korea and its leader. “The man who set the bar for this was none other than our TV star, Donald Trump. Donald Trump said no lengthy negotiations like my predecessors. Remember? That’s what he said. He said no concessions that will stall and simply give this horrible regime more time to perpetrate their terror. And he said quite clearly we are going to talk about human rights, Otto Warmbier. Today he says Oh, Otto Warmbier didn’t die in vain. But you didn’t mention, didn’t bring it up.”

“Yes, he did,” responded Greg Gutfeld. “It was amazing. Repatriation as well. Be accurate.” (RELATED: President Trump’s Chances Of Winning Nobel Peace Prize Just Went Through The Roof)

“I will be accurate,” Williams fired back. “Here’s what Kim said, we agreed to let the past be the past. We are moving on. That’s what he said. Let me finish. Here you have a situation, you say, are these lemmings? You say Kerry and others are lemmings. Is Otto Warmbier one of the lemmings? Did he just go away, go off the edge?”

Gutfeld took issue with Williams’ insinuation that he had called Warmbier a “lemming.”

“That makes no sense,” responded Gutfeld. “I did not say that. That was so wrong, Juan. I did not call Warmbeir a lemming, you moron.”

“I stopped listening to you when you said I called — enough, enough,” Gutfeld added as Williams tried to continue. “You accused me of saying something I didn’t say. ”

Later in the conversation, Williams wondered what the United States gets in return. “We get promises, pledges. Oh my gosh,” said Williams.

“You are such a baby, Juan, about this,” Gutfeld said.


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