Body Language Expert: Trump Dominated North Korea Summit

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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A body language expert who appeared on CNN Wednesday said that President Donald Trump clearly dominated North Korea’s Kim Jong Un during their historic summit.


Chris Ulrich noted that Kim Jong Un had the upper hand in the first photo-op with Trump because he was standing on the left side of the photo, but added that Trump put his hand on Kim Jong Un’s upper arm during their hand shake as a way of “reestablishing dominance.”

“Then…Trump does something very interesting,” Ulrich said. “He pats [Kim Jong Un] on the back and guides him out — again, he’s establishing dominance.”

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin agreed that it seemed Trump was “leading” Kim Jong Un and was “in charge.”

“It seems to me from these pictures…that the president is leading him,” Baldwin argued. “He seems to be in charge in that situation, it’s almost like they’re at Mar A Lago or walking out of the boardroom.”

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