HuffPost Writer: ‘You Have No Business’ Eating At Chick-Fil-A If You’re Gay

(SHUTTERSTOCK: By Jonathan Weiss)

Jena Greene Reporter
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A writer for the Huffington Post named Noah Michelson decided to hop on the anti Chick-Fil-A bandwagon this week in a bizarre op-ed headlined, “If You Really Love LGBTQ People, You Just Can’t Keep Eating Chick-fil-A.”

As you can probably tell from its headline, this article deserves a pulitzer for its groundbreaking work in journalism.

Michelson writes, in part:

To all of these flimsy justifications, I say, “Bullsh*t.” If you care about queer people ― or you yourself are queer ― you have absolutely no business eating at Chick-fil-A. Ever. It’s really that straightforward.

…it sucks that we can’t have waffle fries. But you know what sucks even more? Not having equal rights and contributing to the profits of a company that wants to ensure you never do because it believes you’re fundamentally disordered or unnatural or sinful or some delightful combination of all three.

…Ultimately, if you’re going out of your way to find a reason to continue to patronize Chick-fil-A, you might want to examine why you need to expend so much energy to do so.

I don’t think there are words for how dumb this logic is.

On the one hand, this guy is advocating for the freedom to do whatever he pleases as a gay man. He’s literally complaining that there are people who want to tell gay people what they can and can’t do. But then he turns around and tries to tell gay people exactly what they can (or in this case, can’t) do. This is the most hypocritical rag of self-righteousness I’ve seen in a while.

Besides, what does Chick-Fil-A President Dan Cathy’s personal politics have to do with a chicken sandwich? It’s not like they’re refusing to serve members of the LGBTQ community in their place of business.

The outrage at Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for eating there during *gasp* Pride Month was bad enough this weekend. But this ups the ante in the most absurd way possible. It’s a chicken sandwich, people. This isn’t life or death.

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