Jonathan Turley Believes ‘Outstanding’ IG Report Will ‘Give Us Facts’

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Political commentator Jonathan Turley blasted both Democrats and Republicans for giving the American people “second-hand information” while the inspector general’s report will “give us facts” Wednesday.


“The American people are fed up with deciphers on both sides, of Republicans and Democrats giving us second-hand information,” Turley told Fox’s Sandra Smith. “The inspector general is a respected individual who is going to give us facts and that’s what we need so we can reach our own conclusion.”

Turley said he’s skeptical about crimes being committed on either side of the Department of Justice’s investigations. “What we need, if we’re going to come together as a country, is for the American people to feel like they’ve been given facts, not just spins and not just opinion.” (RELATED: Lindsey Graham Hopeful About Inspector General Report: Clinton Email Probe Was A ‘Sham’)

President Trump likely won’t see the report prior to its release Thursday, although he may receive a briefing on it, Turley said, noting that the inspector general makes the report public “as a courtesy.”

“Mr. Horowitz has done, I think, an absolutely outstanding job. He’s right down the middle. He’s been very hard looking at these issues. He referred Mccabe, the former deputy attorney general, for possible prosecution for false statements. He has a lot of credibility in going at these issues.”

When asked what he expects the report to cover, Turley said “that’s the big unknown,” but believes it will focus on former FBI director James Comey leaking information to the media after his termination by President Trump.

“A lot of us are wondering whether the IG will use this report to get into some of the e-mails from individuals at the Justice Department who previously were identified as having fairly anti-Trump views,” he said. “There’s also a question of the scope of their duties. That is, how much were these individuals … who were previously moved aside … involved in the decisions that were critical for the Clinton campaign and Hillary Clinton personally.”

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