Kardashian Finally Meets Alice Johnson: ‘You Are Everything And More Than I Ever Thought’

NBC News

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Kim Kardashian and recently-freed Alice Marie Johnson met for the first time Wednesday to film an interview in Memphis with NBC’s Hoda Kotb.



“I mean I already knew just by talking to you on the phone and just seeing you in videos, but I mean you are everything and more than I ever thought,” Kardashian said as the two women hugged one another.

“Y’all haven’t stopped hugging, I did notice that,” Kotb told the two. “I think that you guys are going to be connected for a long time.”

The full interview airs Thursday during the “Today” show.

Johnson was imprisoned for nearly 22 years until President Trump commuted her sentence. She was convicted for a first-time nonviolent drug offense, and was released last week. She immediately offered thanks to both Trump and Kardashian who had met together previously in the Oval Office to discuss Johnson’s release. (RELATED: Trump Wishes Alice Johnson Luck In Life, After Commuting Sentence)



Kardashian said she felt “starstruck” visiting the White House, but drew criticism from CNN’s Jim Acosta who said her trip was “not a serious thing.” (RELATED: CNN’s Acosta Lost It When Kim K Visited Trump. Here’s What He Said When Celebs Visited Obama)

Johnson told Fox News that the day Trump commuted her sentence was “the best day of my life.”