Paul Ryan: Trump ‘Should Be Applauded’ For North Korea Summit

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday that President Trump “should be applauded” for the summit he held with North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un.


“The status quo was not working with North Korea. What was the status quo in North Korea? They were racing toward a nuclear weapon. They were racing toward having multiple independent ICBMs with nuclear tipped warheads on top of them,” Ryan said. (RELATED: ‘Truly Good Man’ — Trump Wishes Paul Ryan Well, Praises Achievements)

“The president needed to disrupt the status quo and the president has disrupted the status quo. He should be applauded for doing that. And we should be under no illusion of our experiences with North Korea. It’s a terrible regime. They’ve done terrible things and they’ve been deceitful in the past. But it’s really important that we disrupted the status quo like the president has.” (RELATED: ‘I Just Don’t See It Like That’ — Paul Ryan Smacks Down Chuck Todd)

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