Pit Bull MAULS Its Owner — Right In Front Of Animal Control


Scott Greer Contributor
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A dangerous pit bull was undeterred by the presence of animal control when it attacked its owner in Dearborn, Michigan, Monday.

Concerned neighbors called animal control over their fear the pit bull was menacing the neighborhood, according to WDIV. The house the pit bull dwelled displayed an ominous “Beware of Dog” outside its environs, warning passer-bys of the danger that lurked behind the fence.

The animal control officer learned first-hand of the danger when she peeked over the fence to see the pit bull with its owner. According to eyewitnesses, the dog sprang after the officer as the owner tried to hold it back. (RELATED: It’s Time For Common Sense Pit Bull Regulation)

That’s when the pit bull turned on its owner.

In a scene reminiscent of the first Jurassic Park, the owner begged animal control to shoot the dog as he was under attack.

“All we saw was him flailing around behind the fence there. He was just going, ‘No, no no,’ and at some point, he goes, ‘Shoot it. Shoot it. Shoot it,” neighbor Austin Ramos told WDIV.


The owner managed to survive the attack and his dog was put down shortly after the horrific incident.

Ramos claimed the owner did a good job of keeping the dog in line, in spite of the pit’s violent behavior. “The owner’s a great guy. He’s always careful to keep the dog behind the fence and whatnot, but I guess just this time, it turned on him. He was covered in blood. His arms were all cut up. We’re just happy, you know, he’s OK,” he said.

However, another neighbor said Monday’s tragedy was not unexpected. “I hate to say it, but it’s been building up,” neighbor Lela Warren told WDIV. “These dogs have gotten out several times. The neighbor right here’s had that dog in his backyard, snarling at him.”

Pit bulls turning on their owners is quite common. Last month, a pit bull in Missouri sent three members of its own household — one adult and two teens — to the hospital after an unprovoked rampage. (RELATED: Pit Bull Turns On Owner’s Family, Sends 3 To The Hospital)

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