Some Australian Caught A Shark, Cut Its Head Off And Stuck It On A Spike

Henry Rodgers | Capitol Hill Reporter

A severed shark head was found on a spiked fence filled with cigarette butts outside of a marine rescue office in Australia Saturday, according to a Wednesday report.

The shark, which weighed around 154 pounds, was discovered by a team with Marine Rescue New South Whales (NSW) Shellharbour facility in Sydney. After the shark head was found it was reported the animal was a “freshly caught” mako shark and that its head was “cut off” after being taken back to a boat ramp, Sky News reported.

Bruce Mitchell, who works for Marine Rescue NSW, said it was the “first time I’ve ever heard of it anywhere.”

Sharks are considered “vulnerable,” according to the current Conservation status. The rescue shelter said it was “a low blow” to volunteers who spend their free time trying to save lives.

“Marine Rescue Shellharbour crews arrived for duty Saturday to find a shark’s head impaled on the base fence,” the group posted on Facebook. “It’s a kick in the guts for our committed volunteers who give up their time to save lives on the water.” (Report: Feds Are Wasting Billions Protecting ‘Endangered’ Animals That Are Just Fine)

NSW reportedly did not report the incident to the police.

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