Trump: North Korea Isn’t Biggest Enemy — ‘Fake News’ Is

Saagar Enjeti | White House Correspondent

President Donald Trump blasted the news media for questioning concessions he made to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during his recent summit.

Trump noted that last year, when tensions reached their heights with North Korea, that many in the media accused him of bringing the U.S. to brink of the nuclear war.

The president indicated in Singapore that he will cancel U.S. military war games and exercises on the Korean peninsula to reduce tensions with North Korea. Critics note that North Korea gave very few guarantees about its own nuclear program in exchange for these cancellations.

Trump explained his decision to do so in another earlier tweet saying:

“[War games] are tremendously expensive. The amount of money we spend on that is incredible,” Trump said in Singapore, adding “What I did say is — and I think it is provocative — when I see that, and you have a country right next door. Under the circumstances, we are negotiating a comprehensive and complete deal. It is inappropriate to have war games. Number one, we save money. A lot. Number two, it is really something they very much appreciated.

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