Trump: Under Obama, Putin ‘Didn’t Respect Our Leadership’

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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President Trump told Fox News’ Bret Baier in an interview that aired Wednesday that Vladimir Putin did not respect former President Barack Obama.


Trump was asked about his support of letting Russia back into the G7, which was previously the G8 before Russia was kicked out.

“Does this make you want to sit down with Vladimir Putin?” Baier asked.

“No, but the question was asked by a reporter, it used to be the G8, Russia was included and about four or five years ago, they expelled Russia, and a reporter asked me ‘Do you think you ‘d be better off with Russia?’ I said, ‘Absolutely.’ You know, we spend probably 25 percent of our time talking about Russia. I said to myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be better if they were here?'” Trump answered in part.

Trump also said that Putin previously “didn’t respect our leadership.”

“He didn’t respect it–but this wasn’t me,” Trump said. “People say look say look what he did. He did it to Obama. Obama should not have allowed that to happen, even with the voter stuff. Supposedly the FBI went to Obama, they told him about it, he didn’t do anything about it.” (RELATED: Devin Nunes Reminds Everyone How Obama Is Responsible For The Russian Threat)

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