Trump On 2018 Midterms: I Think We’ll Do Very Well

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

President Trump was asked about the upcoming 2018 midterm elections in an interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier that aired Wednesday.

He responded by saying that he thinks Republicans will do very well.


“Do you think North Korea in this a few days here has changed the dynamic in the midterm elections, and today where do you think midterm elections in your head are?” Baier asked.

“I saw on your show and I’ve seen 120 days ago we were down 16 points. Now I see Reuters has a soft 2 and another one was up 6 and one was down three. I think it’s a whole different ball game. I think the economy is so good, I think the tax cuts have been incredible, far greater than even I thought they would be. The regulation cuts have been great. I’ve done more in 500 days than any president has ever done in their first 500 days.” (RELATED: Trump: Under Obama, Putin ‘Didn’t Respect Our Leadership’)

“There’s nobody close–and that’s a lot of people saying that. People that would rather not say it, are saying it and I really think that we are going to do very good. Now, history is against me because history for whatever reason, you win the election, and then you lose lots of seats.”

“I think we are going to do very well, I really do,” he added.

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