FBI Director Says He’s Only Worried About Judgment ‘From The People That Know Us’


Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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FBI Director Christopher Wray took a subtle swipe at President Trump Thursday in his response to whether or not he believes Trump’s public display of disaffection has affected the FBI’s reputation.


“That’s a subject that’s near and dear to me,” Wray said at an FBI press conference. “I will tell you the opinions that I care the most about are the opinions of the people who actually really know us, and know us through our work.”

“To me, it’s the work that matters. I look at things like that,” Wray continued. “I look at what people think when they know us and I look at what people think when they express their views through their actions.”

Wray heavily emphasized the brand world-wide, saying that “our brand is just fine there,” even while the president has gone after the FBI’s reputation at home. (RELATED: Meadows On IG Report: Strzok ‘Made A Conscious Choice To Go After’ Trump Over Hillary)

Trump has heavily questioned the FBI’s credibility, tweeting:

A bombshell IG report surfaced Thursday that showed former FBI Director James Comey used personal emails when conducting official FBI business, as well as extreme political bias in communications between FBI official Peter Strzok and his mistress and colleague Lisa Page. (RELATED: Giuliani: ‘Comey Really Has A Chance Of Being Prosecuted’)

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