Steve Scalise’s Triumphant Return To The Batting Cage, One Year After Shooting

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Just one year after a gunman opened fire on the Republicans practicing for the annual Congressional baseball game, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) returned to the batting cage and swung for the fences.

Badly wounded in the shooting, Scalise spent time in and out of the intensive care unit, endured multiple surgeries, and still faces months of rehabilitation and physical therapy. But there were moments just one short year ago when his survival was in question — and he has so far defied the odds.

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At Thursday night’s game, Scalise will be the starting second baseman and the lead-off hitter — but he told CNN that for him, the victory is just in getting to play: “To be able to go back out on that field, in a major league ballpark, play the game, especially to be able to go back out in uniform and actually get an opportunity to go out on the field — that’s going to be real emotional.”