These Liner Socks Feature Gel Grip And Sport Cushioning

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How annoying is it when your socks keep bunching or slipping off inside your shoes? I actively try to avoid that feeling at all costs, and these Peds Women’s Cushion No-Show Sport Cut Liner Socks from Amazon have been lifesavers.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

PEDS Women’s Cushion No-Show Sport Cut Liner (6-Pack) — $14

The socks come in a pack of six and cost just $14 on Amazon. If you have a Prime membership (and you should because there are just so many benefits Amazon can offer to you), you’re eligible for free, two-day guaranteed shipping.

This product is designed to be low cut and no-show, meaning that if you’re wearing sneakers or flats, they won’t peek out of the shoe. At the heel, the socks feature gel grips, which prevent them from falling and provide sport like cushioning. You’ll barely feel them on your feet. And they’re great for work or a more formal setting because they only come in a solid black and white color, so if you do have to take your shoe off for whatever reason, they’ll almost be invisible, and definitely socially acceptable.

They’re made of out of 97% nylon and 3% spandex, and are machine washable. You’ll also notice a bit of stretch to ensure they fit most normal range foot sizes.

So, grab a pack or two, in black and white (to match all your footwear). Your feet and shoes will thank you!

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