Hundreds Of Women Heading To The ER From Abortions Isn’t That Bad, Study Concludes

Grace Carr | Reporter

Hundreds of women experience serious if not fatal complications during abortions, but a study still posits that abortion is safe.

“This study adds to the abundant scientific data that abortion is safe,” said UC San Francisco public health professor and study leader Usher D. Upadhyay, The Los Angeles Times reported Friday. He notes that for every 100,000 abortions, only 108 women need to go the emergency room according to the study published Thursday.

“Roughly half of the 27,941 abortion-related emergency department visits documented during the study’s five-year period resulted in ‘observation care’ only,” Upadhyay added, continuing to explain that the ER releases three-quarters of patients shortly afterward. The researchers used a nationally representative sample of ER visits to over 950 hospitals between 2009 and 2013 to conduct their study.

The researchers also found that a third of women who went to the ER after their abortions needed another abortive procedure because the first one had either failed completely or worked impartially.

“The people who are supporting these laws must know that abortion is safe,” Upadhyay said. “They’ve seen the research — studies like this one — which only adds to the abundant scientific data that abortion is safe.” (RELATED: Cecile Richards Leaves Behind Brutal Legacy As She Steps Down From Planned Parenthood)

The study found that 15 women died between 2009 and 2013 from abortions. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) however, reports that 36 women died from abortion complications between 2009 and 2013.

Women who had abortions were also 81 percent more likely to experience mental health problems than their peers who had not aborted an unborn child, according to a recent study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry. Of the women who aborted, 10 percent of mental health issues that arose thereafter were positively attributable to abortion. (RELATED: Women Who Abort Face 81-Percent Increase In Risk For Mental Health Problems, Study Shows)

Planned Parenthood has aborted over 7,132,130 babies since Margaret Sanger’s founding of the abortion organization. Planned Parenthood doctors aborted more than 328,348 unborn babies in 2016, and killed 6,803,782 unborn babies between 1978 and 2016, according to CNS News.

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