University Hosts ‘How To Be Less Stupid About Race’ Lecture


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An upcoming lecture at Indiana University Bloomington titled “How to Be Less Stupid About Race” will address white supremacy in September.

Led by Africana studies professor Crystal Fleming, the talk “will provide the conceptual tools needed to recognize and unpack systemic racism and white supremacy in accessible language that will be useful for everyone,” according to the university(RELATED: Tucker Leaves Guest Stuttering While He Demolishes ‘White Privilege’ With A Laugh)

IU’s Black Film Center/Archive will host the event, which is one of three lectures in a series called “Before Representation: Examining Visual Technologies of Race, Media, and Meaning.”

The first lecture will address racial bias in “flesh-colored products,” with the final lecture focusing on “black archives” and black history in mainstream academia.

Fleming is an associate professor at Stony Brook University. She did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication.

University spokesman Chuck Carney told The Daily Caller that “we expect respectful, if sometimes provocative, discourse — a key part of our educational and research mission here at IU.”

“This is one of hundreds of talks we’ll host this year featuring speakers offering a variety of viewpoints from an array of perspectives,” he said via email.