Laura Ingraham Blasts Former RNC Chair Michael Steele For ‘Concentration Camps’ Comment

Fox News

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham blasted former RNC chairman Michael Steele on Friday for reaching a “shocking new low” in rhetoric by calling detainment centers housing the children of illegal immigrants “concentration camps for kids.”

“And they’ll come for your little dog too,” Ingraham quipped after playing the clip of Steele making the remarks on MSNBC. “You just saw the former head of the GOP, who I know — I’m really disappointed in you Michael Steele — accusing the president of running concentration camps?” (RELATED: Ann Coulter And Laura Ingraham Respond To Joy Reid’s ‘Hell Of An Idea’)

“To describe what we are doing at our border, where people cross the border illegally or present themselves and say, ‘I want asylum,’ as ‘concentration camps’ is both, I think, dismissive in minimizing the Holocaust and it’s just wrong,” said the Fox News host. “I mean, these kids have clean, nice facilities. They’re getting entertainment, recreation, tutoring, teachers, English classes. I mean, they get — they’re treated as well as we can treat them under the circumstances.”

“We have tens of thousands of people crossing our border and we have veterans sleeping in the street about three blocks from where we’re broadcasting here in San Francisco,” Ingraham told guest Leo Terrell. “As long as we have one veteran on a street tonight, we shouldn’t be spending money on illegal immigrants in the United States. I’m sorry. We’ve got to catch them and take them back to their home country.” (RELATED: Laura Ingraham Takes George Will To Task After ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Column On Pence)


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