Democrats Are Quickly Losing Steam: Goldman Sachs Analysis

Dominic Mancini | Reporter

A new Goldman Sachs analysis found that the Democratic Party has lost its advantage in the midterm elections by 50 percent in recent months.

Democrats held a 12-point generic ballot advantage in December but have slipped to 6 points ahead of Republicans, the Monday report found, according to CNBC.

“Democrats are within reach of a majority,” the analysis found, but “their lead has diminished since earlier in the year.”

Republicans remain steadfast with a 75 percent likelihood of maintaining a Senate majority. And in the House of Representatives, the GOP’s market-implied odds of keeping a majority after the midterms increased to 44 percent (up from 32 percent in April), Goldman Sachs found, citing enthusiasm readings.

A Rasmussen report last week suggests the Democratic Party’s lead is even smaller, with 44 percent of likely voters choosing the Democratic candidate and 40 percent voting Republican.

Republican strategist Chris Wilson said that voter turnout for Republican candidates is on the rise, The Guardian reports. Wilson pointed to the recent Nevada gubernatorial primary with over 142,000 Republican votes, up from 25,000 in 2014.

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