‘Radio Islam’ Founder Says Judaism Is ‘Like A Mafia’ In The West [VIDEO]

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The founder and head of Sweden-based “Radio Islam” accused Zionists of controlling the media in Europe and the West and compared Judaism to the Mafia.

Ahmed Rami, a Swedish-Moroccan author, made the comments during a June 6 television interview posted on YouTube Monday with the pan-Arabist channel Al-Mayadeen, according to Jewish News Syndicate. Rami said that Jews and Zionists were indistinguishable, that they controlled the politics and media of Europe and Western countries “like a mafia,” and that Judaism was not truly a religion. (RELATED: Merkel Denounces ‘New’ Anti-Semitism As She Defends Intake Of 10,000 More Mideast Refugees)


“The Zionists are occupying Europe and the West both politically and in terms of the media,” Rami said, according to a MEMRI translation.

“There is no difference between Zionists and Jews,” he added.

The interviewer interjected and attempted to distinguish between Zionists and Jews so that they would not “be accused of referring to the Jewish religion in general.” Ami retorted that Judaism was not a religion.

“No, Judaism is not even a religion. One does not have to believe in God in order to be a Jew. It is sufficient if one’s mother is Jewish. It is like a mafia in the west,” Rami said.

Rami then asserted that the media in all Western countries were completely controlled by Jews and specifically accused certain major media companies of being Zionist and claimed that competition among different Zionist platforms was natural.

“The main point is that in every country – in France, in the U.S., and everywhere – the media is under total Zionist control, part of the occupation,” Rami said.

“The media in its entirety is Zionist….For example, YouTube is Zionist, Yahoo is Zionist, Google is Zionist, but they compete for a share of the market,” he added.

Rami sought political asylum in Sweden in 1973, claiming that he had participated in a failed coup against the Moroccan king, Hassan II, while serving in the Moroccan army as an officer. The Swedish government charged him with hate speech in 1989 and sentenced him in 1990 to six months in jail for writing the book “What Is Israel?” Rami founded Radio Islam in 1987, but the Swedish government revoked its broadcasting permit in 1990 in connection with Rami’s hate crime conviction. Radio Islam resumed broadcasting one year later and Rami has subsequently been investigated by both the French and Swedish governments for hate speech in connection with the radio show and its website. He avoided conviction in Sweden again in 2002 by using an offshore server in the U.S. to host his website.

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