CNN Reports That Sarah Sanders Didn’t Want To Do Briefing — She CALLS OUT The Reporter By Name

Justin Caruso Contributor
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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders called out a CNN reporter to his face after his network reported that she didn’t actually want to be there Monday.


“Jeff, and I’ll take your question since you and your network constantly accuse me of not wanting to be here, so I’ll be glad to pass that question on to you now,” Sanders said to CNN’s Jeff Zeleny after calling on him.

“Why did you decide to have Secretary Nielsen answer questions instead of you?” Zeleny asked.

“I’m here answering questions as well, but I thought it was important for the secretary as one of the primary experts on the process and the things that are going on, to come out here and have the chance to speak to you and for you guys to be able to ask questions directly of her and the leaders in this administration. But I’m standing here in front of you,” Sanders said. (RELATED: Where Was The Apology For Trump? — Sarah Sanders’ Responds To Roseanne Question)

This is in response to reports on Twitter that Sanders brought Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen out because she didn’t want to do the briefing.

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