Washington Post Writers Propose Deporting Republicans, Keeping Illegals

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Two Washington Post columnists are now advocating that the government deport Republicans instead of illegal immigrants.

Max Boot, a national security columnist and CNN analyst, first floated the idea of deporting “contemptible Republican cowards” in a column published Monday about the Trump administration’s policy on illegal immigrant children.

“If only we could keep the hard-working Latin American newcomers and deport the contemptible Republican cowards — that would truly enhance America’s greatness,” Boot wrote to conclude his article.

Jennifer Rubin, who claims to be a “conservative columnist” at WaPo, tweeted out an endorsement of Boot’s idea.

She quoted his column with the assertion, “yes!”

Rubin has absolutely refused to side with the Trump administration on anything and even accused House Speaker Paul Ryan of making “a pact with the devil” by working with President Trump. (RELATED:Jennifer Rubin: Paul Ryan ‘Made A Pact With The Devil’)

Boot recently announced that he was leaving the Republican Party.

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