Acting ICE Director Lays Out Border Statistics For Wolf Blitzer

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Acting ICE director Tom Homan hit CNN host Wolf Blitzer with a deluge of data on illegal immigrants at the border Tuesday.


“So what do they have to do? If the parents don’t want to be separated from children, enter through a port of entry through the legal system. When you choose intentionally to violate the laws and enter illegally, you put yourself in that position,” Homan said.

“You put your child in that position,” Homan said. “If you want to blame somebody, blame the parents.”

Blitzer tried to bring up statistics, alleging that most people who are detained, let go and told to come back to immigration court do in fact return to court. Homan then attempted to correct that statistic before Blitzer diverted to another topic.

Homan added that the president is “trying to secure the borders of this country which we have a right to do. We are a sovereign country and the right to secure or borders.”

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