Cable News Compares Detention Centers To Holocaust, Internment Camps and Slavery 22 Times


Mike Brest Reporter
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Left-leaning cable news stations have invoked comparisons between border detention centers and concentration camps, Japanese internment camps and slavery nearly two dozen times last Friday.

CNN and MSNBC have referenced Nazi Germany 12 times, mentioned Japanese American internment camps six times and compared the detention centers to slavery on four occasions, according to Newsbusters.

“Children are being told and their parents are being told that they’re being taken off to the showers,” MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said last week. (RELATED: ‘MORNING JOE’ COMPARES US IMMIGRATION DETENTION FACILITIES TO CONCENTRATION CAMPS)

“Donald Trump increasingly looks like Hitler in Nazi Germany,” CNN political commentator Dave Jacobson said last Saturday.

MSNBC contributor Jonathan Capehart compared the detention center to both concentration camps and internment camps, then went on to use the Trail of Tears as a comparable event on “AM Joy.”

Former NSA and CIA head Michael Hayden tweeted a photo of a concentration camp with the caption, “Other governments have separated mothers and children.” He was on CNN Monday continuing to push that comparison, although CNN’s Wolf Blitzer did push back on it. (RELATED: CNN’S WOLF BLITZER WRECKS COMPARISON BETWEEN DETENTION CENTERS AND CONCENTRATION CAMPS)