Fox Segment Goes Off The Rails As Corey Lewandowski Squares Off With Hillary Staffer

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski set off former Hillary Clinton staffer Zac Petkanas during an explosive Fox News segment Tuesday evening.

Responding to the news that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had announced his intention to sue the Trump administration over the current “zero tolerance” illegal immigration policy, Lewandowski claimed that Cuomo was looking for an easy hook to drive his potential run for the presidency.

“As soon as you cross the border illegally, you have committed an act which is a disservice to all of the people who have stood in line and waited to get into this country legally. And this governor doesn’t understand what that means and he thinks it’s his path forward but it’s not.”

Petkanas, when asked by host Sandra Smith what he thought of Cuomo’s announcement, pivoted to an anecdote. He said, “I read about a ten-year-old girl with down syndrome who is taken from her mother and put in a cage.”

Lewandowski interrupted with a “sad trombone” sound, “wah, wah,” and Petkanas exploded.

He asked, “Did you say ‘wah, wah,’ about a ten-year-old with down syndrome being taken from her mother? How dare you? How dare you? How absolutely dare you, sir? How dare you? We have infants who are being taken from their mothers. We have infants that are being stolen from they mothers and put into cages.”

Lewandowski continued on to make his point, arguing that anyone who breaks the law is subject to being separated from their families. He explained, “When you cross the border illegally, when you commit a crime, you are taken away from you family because that’s how this country works.”

Petkanas tried to bring the narrative back to his story about the girl with down syndrome, but Lewandowski responded with a heartbreaking story from the other side.

He said, “Go ask Jamiel Shaw what it’s like to have an illegal immigrant come across the country and kill their son in cold blood. Go ask Jamiel Shaw what’s that like, okay? Because when you come acoss the border, you’ve committed a crime and there are repercussions for that.”