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It’s easy to find that viewing sweet spot with a tablet, but holding it there is a different story. To keep your device where it should be and free your arms, the folks at Rain Design developed a stand that works equally well in your lap or on the table. If you’re tired of straining your hands and neck, check out the iRest Lap Stand—currently $39.99 after 19% off at the shop.

Normally $50, this lap stand is 19 percent off

iRest Lap Stand on sale for $39.99

You adjust the iRest via hinge over 60º. Just a quick push or pull is all it takes to dial in the angle. It holds your screen up 3” too, so you don’t have to crane your neck down. Remove the lap padding when you want to save desk space, and easily switch between portrait and landscape. The iRest also weighs less than a pound and is super easy to pack. As a bonus to iPad users, it’s made of durable anodized aluminum to match.

If you’re a frequent tablet user, you want to make sure you get the most comfortable viewing experience you can. Give your body a break and check out The iRest Lap Stand for 19% off at the shop—just $39.99.

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