ISIS Terrorist Who Plotted To Kill Theresa May Is Now On Trial

Joseph Lafave Contributor
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The Trial of Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman, a 20-year-old British National of Bangladeshi descent, began Tuesday after it was discovered he was plotting terror attacks inside the United Kingdom.

Rahman has been charged with two counts of terrorism after officials from MI5 allegedly discovered that he was planning a suicide bombing of the Parliment building in order to kill Prime Minister Theresa May, according to The Guardian.

Rahman and another man, Mohammad Aqib Imran, had at first been contemplating traveling to Syria in order to fight for ISIS in 2017. Rahman’s uncle was already in Syria at the time and encouraged Rahman to instead focus on domestic terrorism inside of the UK. After Rahman’s uncle was killed in a drone strike, he began plotting a suicide bombing attack.

According to the BBC, Rahman was apprehended by MI5 agents who were undercover posing as Islamic extremists in online forums. Rahman had allegedly been chatting with the agent about sleeper cells and bomb-making, while also praising the Islamic State.

The British government has known about Rahman for some time, as he was part of the “Channel programme, a government project that seeks to intervene in the cases of individuals thought to be at risk of violent radicalisation,” the Guardian reports.

Fortunately Rahman was apprehended before he was able to carry out any attacks, however, the BBC reports that he may have been “just days away” from striking his targets. He has so far pleaded not guilty to all charges.