Kellyanne Conway Battles Chris Cuomo On Immigrant Children


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Trump aide Kellyanne Conway quickly turned an interview around on CNN’s Chris Cuomo after he played audio of illegal immigrant children crying at the border.


Cuomo kicked off the interview Monday night with the distressing audio from ProPublica, and Conway launched into a long explanation about the reasons children are separated from their parents when they cross into the U.S.

“Thanks for giving the White House the platform tonight, from yesterday, since people will have amnesia,” Conway started “I’m a mother, I’m a Catholic, I’m a person with a conscience. I agree with everyone including the president, the first lady, and everyone who has said that they don’t want children to be separated from their parents unduly.”

Conway explained that there are three scenarios in which children would be separated from their parents by DHS: one is if the familial relationship cannot be proven, two is if there is fear of the child being harmed, and third is if the adult enters the U.S. illegally rather than presenting at a port of asylum.

The White House aide then turned Cuomo’s audio tape around on him, asking if he would ever play audio of the young children who come into the country with adults and are used in drug and sex trafficking rings.

“I only wish you would play the audiotape, the videotape, that CNN would do a surround-sound program of the hundreds of thousands of Central American minors who have come over the border into this nation over the last several years,” Conway asserted. “We don’t know where they all are, do you? Does CNN know that those girls haven’t been drug trafficked, sex trafficked? Do you know that they’re with adult family members, people who love them? Do you know that they’re alive? So you can play all the audiotape and videotape that you want. You show me what happened to each and every one of those girls.”

“You choose what you want to emote about,” Conway declared. “Where were you in 2014?”

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