Nunes: ‘No Doubt’ Comey Leaked Classified Information

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Republican California Rep. Devin Nunes told radio host Mark Levin Monday it’s a “fact” that former FBI Director James Comey leaked classified information.


“There is no question about whether or not the Comey memos were classified. That is not in doubt. I’ve read them, many members have read them. It’s so much so that we can’t talk about what’s in them because it’s classified,” Nunes told Levin.

Levin asked Nunes whether Comey may have put classified information onto his personal server that could be hacked like Clinton did.

“I’ve read the Comey memos. There is no question that there’s classified information in there,” Nunes reiterated.

Comey’s FBI was tasked with investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server to conduct government business and the mishandling of classified information.

Levin said that there was collusion with the media and payouts to multiple FBI officials, though who specifically is unknown.

The Senate Judiciary Committee obtained the Comey memos during its investigation into his firing by President Trump.

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