Sen. Warren Dodges Congressional Responsibility Question, Instead Blames Trump

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Massachussets Sen. Elizabeth Warren dodged a question of her responsibility as a senator to take up the problem of immigration and instead blamed President Trump for America’s immigration problems in an interview with MSNBC host Christ Matthews Tuesday.


“I think there are some things in America that go beyond politics and Trump may think he’s playing a little game here. But ultimately, this one hits deep where America lives. Not just Democrat America, Republican America, independent America, people who just don’t care about politics,” Warren said. “People who say this is not what America does, we do not put small children in cages. We do not separate them from their parents.”

“This is appealing to the president of the United States, this is insisting as loudly as we can to the president of the United States, this is not who we are in America. He is taking America to a dark and ugly place,” Warren continued.

She then dodged the question of whether or not she as a senator had responsibility to fix the immigration process, saying, “It’s not a question of whether or not we could pass legislation over a long process. This is happening to children tonight while we’re sitting here. Trump could stop it before we get to the end.”

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