CNN Contributor Goes Off The Rails, Blames America For Central America’s Problems

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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CNN contributor Symone Sanders on Tuesday blamed problems in Central American countries and the resulting asylum-seeking immigrants on the United States.


Sanders insisted that the Obama administration’s immigration policies were “not exactly” the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

She went on to blame the problems of Central American countries on the U.S.

“The last point that I’ll make, the folks fleeing the countries, Honduras and Guatemala, the situation in the countries, the United States has been implicit in creating unsettling governments and so for Donald Trump to say the governments are sending their worst people to the United States, that is actually not true,” Sanders said.

“The United States has played a key role in upsetting the apple cart in many of the countries,” Sanders continued.

She added that the Trump administration is doing “something unprecedented that we haven’t seen out of the last two presidents” with immigration law, and that it’s “something that the Trump Administration can stop.”

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