Tucker Carlson Scuttles Immigration Policy Hype

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson poured cold water on the hype surrounding immigration centers and separating families along the U.S.’ southern border Tuesday.


Many Democrats have gone so far as to compare President Trump’s immigration policies with those of Hitler and Nazi Germany. One radio commentator even mentioned that pedophiles may be lurking around the detention centers for children along the border.

“But first with midterm elections approaching, Democrats need an issue to motivate their voters,” Tucker stated. “The Russia hoax won’t do that, it’s fast deflating.”

He continued, “Maybe pictures of families being separated on the border will move people toward the polls. In case you’re wondering, what you’re watching on television this week is a political tactic, obviously.”

“But newly-minted theologians Hillary Clinton and Nancy Nancy Pelosi have been telling us all week that sometimes the bible makes that point,” Tucker said. “The curious factor is these are the same people who tirelessly promote unrestricted late term abortion for any reason at all including sex selection.”

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