Unfake The News: The Media’s Spin On Illegal Immigration

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The mainstream media is desperate to frame President Trump as a cruel dictator tearing children away from their parents — the ones who entered the United States illegally. Journalists are using images of lone children to portray a narrative that conditions near the Southern border are a direct result of a Trump administration policy.

“Unfake the News” is a Daily Caller program dedicated to debunking the mainstream media narratives that dominate our news cycle.

For the cable news networks, the priority is to frame the news in a way that is most politically expedient, rather than attempting to tell the sometimes less-than savory whole truth.

That’s where TheDC’s Vince Coglianese steps in to cut through the PC bull. Each week, Vince takes a closer look at how cable news outlets are telling the top story and then gives you his own unadulterated take.

This is “Unfake the News.”


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