GOP Rep. Bob Goodlatte Says Legislative Fix Needed To Prevent illegal Immigrants From Working The System

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Republican Rep. Bob Goodlatte of Virginia said Congress must act to provide fixes to the immigration system or risk a greater flood of illegals into the country.

“How about if we make sure that children are being treated properly as we change all of the things that are necessary to change, to make sure that children are not placed in this kind of situation in the first place,” Goodlatte said on CNN’s “New Day” Wednesday. (RELAETD: GOP Rep. Bob Goodlatte Shames Illegal Immigrant Parents For Putting Their Children At Risk)

“Or exposed to the danger of come across Mexico, coming across the desert, coming across our border –trying to evade the border patrol agents,” he continued. “They should be encouraged to come right to the border stations. I have been to detention facilities both during the Obama Administration and during the Trump Administration. They look very similar in both instances and most of the time they look very humane.”


Goodlatte said if President Donald Trump decides to end the separation of illegal immigrant families, Congress must provide a fix to ensure they won’t disappear and try to hide in the US while dodging their scheduled court date.

“The president — if he ends it, then he has to allow these families to enter the interior of the United States and they never return” Goodlatte concluded. “The law doesn’t permit them to hold them for the Department of Justice more than 72 hours. That’s a court ruling and for — for the Department of Homeland Security, 20 days. So that’s — that’s the issue that has to be addressed. It has to be addressed legislatively and we are doing that.”

These comments come just one day after Goodlatte appeared on “New Day” to shame illegal immigrant parents for placing their children in harms way, by dragging them across the desert in an attempt to evade the federal government.

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