Comey: Hillary Still Doesn’t Understand Her Email Scandal


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Former FBI Director James Comey grilled Hillary Clinton on Tuesday for being clueless about why the FBI investigated her use of a private email server as secretary of state.


“Even at this late date, she doesn’t understand what the investigation in her case was about,” Comey told German journalist Holger Stark.

“It was not about her use of a personal email system,” Comey said. “And she didn’t get that during the investigation, ’cause she used to say, ‘Well, Colin Powell when he was Secretary of State used AOL.’ That was not what it was about.”

“It was about communicating about classified topics on that system when those topics have to be done on a classified system.”

Comey explained that when he used a personal email account during his time at the FBI, he was writing speeches but not sending “anything remotely classified” outside of his government account.

Clinton last week posted a sarcastic tweet after the IG report found that Comey used a personal Gmail account for government work.