Meghan McCain Lets ‘The View’ Have It Over Border Crisis: ‘Republicans Did Come Together’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain came out swinging against the Trump administration’s handling of immigrant children at the southern border, but when the conversation heated up on “The View” on Wednesday morning, she was quick to defend the Republicans who have been working for a solution to the problem.

Cohost Whoopi Goldberg kicked off the segment by claiming that President Donald Trump had implemented the policy to separate children from their families in order to force Congress to fund his wall.

Sunny Hostin took it a step further, saying that legislation would not help and only president could stop it. “The president is using these children at the border as pawns. It is immoral. Yes, he does. It is immoral. It is not Christian. It’s ugly. It’s child abuse. A human rights abuse. And he should be ashamed of himself!”

McCain jumped in then, defending the Republicans who were working to fix the problem. She said, “Republicans did come together yesterday to try to get a bill. I think we should have a bill that talks about — if he doesn’t sign this, just keeping families together. It’s a highly emotional issue. The president is not going to do something. It’s why our founding fathers put the parts of government in place so we have the power to change it. The idea that, oh, if Trump doesn’t sign it, screw these kids? What kind of message is that?”

Goldberg responded, saying that she didn’t care if the solution came from left, right, or center, as long as something got done. She said, “So let’s take the politics out of it and just do it.”