Rep. Dave Brat Schools CNN Anchor On Border Crisis


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Republican Virginia Rep. Dave Brat crushed CNN anchor Poppy Harlow during an interview about families being separated at the border on Thursday morning.


Harlow went in for a “lightning round” at the end of the long interview and asked Brat if President Donald Trump had to issue an executive order to end the separation of families when the parents are prosecuted for illegal border crossing.

“Yes, we needed to do something in the short run to patch that up,” Brat explained. “The courts are gonna have to decide now, do the kids stay with the parents in detention, or does everybody get released back to the home country, or does everybody get released into the country — open borders? That’s clearly what the Democrats want.”

Harlow followed up by asking if Democrats are to blame for separating families at the border, and Brat replied, “no, that’s been law and you guys need to cover that — I wish you would cover just the Flores decision so the American people know what we’re talking about.”

“The entire next block is with our legal analyst about the Flores decision,” Harlow responded.

“Well, then you know the answer to it,” Brat said sharply.

“I want your opinion,” Harlow pressed.

“It’s not an opinion, it’s fact,” Brat slapped back. “It’s settled law.”

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