12-Year-Old ‘House Of Horrors’ Child Could Only Recite Half The Alphabet

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The 12-year-old “house of horrors” Turpin daughter could allegedly only recite half of the alphabet, Riverside County Detective Thomas Salisbury said during the court hearing Wednesday.

The preliminary court hearing revealed more information about the lack of education of the Turpin children, including that one of the kids barely knew the alphabet, according to a tweet by reporter Richard K. De Atley.

The preteen also allegedly claimed that she was currently learning at a kindergarten level, De Atley added in another tweet. (RELATED: California Dad Allegedly Sexually Abused His Then 12-Year-Old Daughter)

“RivCo Sheriff Detective Thomas Salisbury now on witness stand. Interviewed 12-year old Turpin girl who said her home schooling had taken her up to the letter j or t — she was uncertain,” De Atley wrote. (RELATED: Turpin Kids Resettling Into Their New Lives And Want To Get GEDs, Lawyer Says)

“He said the 12-year-old told him, ‘She believed she was ready to accelerate past kindergarten… to the first grade.’  He also testified, “’She told me she could recognize some words,'” De Atley added. (RELATED: Turpin Adults Wore Children’s Clothes At Hospital Since They Were So Underweight)


The detective also claimed that another Turpin child, 22, was also at only a third-grade level of schooling, De Atley added. (RELATED: Older Turpin Children Released From Hospital, Now Living In Rural California Home)

David and Louise Turpin are accused of enslaving and torturing their 13 children. The parents have 92 felony accounts in total and are both held on a $12 million bond. Their 17-year-old daughter originally escaped and called 911 in January to report their alleged abuse, according to People magazine, which called the Turpins’ home a “house of horrors.”

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