School’s Planned Parenthood Sex-Ed Event Welcomes Kids As Young As 12


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Planned Parenthood is conducting an annual sex-ed workshop at Muskegon Public Schools in Michigan to discuss safe-sex practice and STD prevention for a group of students as young as 12 years old.

Part of the Safer Choices Project, the event from July 9 to 11 at the Muskegon Community Education Center will address “decreasing unplanned pregnancies” and consent, according to a Facebook advertisement and Planned Parenthood of Michigan’s website.

It’s an “evidence-based program,” PPofM spokeswoman Ruth Lednicer told The Daily Caller. The curriculum will mostly be the same for attendees ages 12 through 19, but “if we have a much younger or much older student sign up, we talk to their parent to find out their preference on what class the student should attend,” Lednicer said.

The advertisement does not mention “abstinence” as a key topic of discussion, but Lednicer said it’s often addressed.

While Planned Parenthood “has offices located in our building, Muskegon Public Schools in not endorsing or sponsoring this event,” MPS superintendent Justin Jennings told The Daily Caller. Planned Parenthood pays rent for the offices they occupy, Jennings confirmed.

Complimentary food will be provided to attendees as well as a phone charger and gift card for those who stay for at least 75 percent of the event.

Muskegon’s education center presides over elementary, middle, and high schools. As for the city’s racial demographics, Muskegon is over 30 percent black and 7.8 percent Latino.