Terrell Owens Just Did Something Most College Athletes Can’t

William Boyd Contributor
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Terrell Owens is in arguably the best shape of his life at 44 years old. He was timed at around a 4.4 40 yard dash. For perspective, that would rank 15th out of the prospects in the NFL Draft this year.

When Owens was breaking into the league, he was timed at a 4.65 40-yard dash. He beat that by nearly 2 tenths of a second, which is a huge amount when considering a 4.65 is about average for a linebacker in the NFL Combine. One clock even had Owens running a 4.3 40-yard dash. It was all hand-timed, which is not the most exact method.

There have been rumors of Owens coming into the league again, and this is a good sign that he could keep up with the best of them. Owens has hinted at a comeback, but nothing has happened with teams trying to sign him. He considers himself ready to go in the NFL today and seemingly trying to make a comeback to the league.

This time would put him in a four-way tie for fourth place in the 2018 NFL Combine. The only problem with the time for Owens is that he was on a track, while the rest of them were on turf. Most NFL Draft experts would add a small amount of time to that, most likely making it around a 4.45-4.5 time.

Owens has gone on record many times saying he could come back and be an impact player for most teams, especially the 49ers. It may not be realistic for him to come back, but it is quite a story. The man is 44 years old and is running a 4.4 40. The training going into that must be insane. But, the main question is whether that time can translate to the NFL. We have not seen his receiving ability in a long time. You can be fast, but if you’ve lost that route-running and receiving ability, the comeback would fall short. Nonetheless, 4.4 40 time for Owens is incredibly impressive.