Trump Goes After NY Times For Getting Attendance Numbers Of Last Rally Wrong

Mike Brest Reporter
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President Trump brought up the New York Times’ miscalculation in the number of people at his last rally in Tennessee last month during his speech in Minnesota Wednesday night.


“I was at an event three weeks ago where a person from The New York Times said, ‘There [were] only a thousand people and the people, the many thousands that were there, protested,” the president said.

“They wrote a slight correction. They were off many thousands of people. It’s fake news, I’m telling you. So fake,” the president said. “But usually, they don’t show the arena, they just show my face. So people would say, did you have many people there?”

The New York Times first reported that there were only approximately 1,000 people at a rally in Nashville, Tennessee. White House reporter Julie Davis then issued a correction stating that the fire marshal’s estimate was about 5,500 people. (RELATED: NYT CORRECTS FALSE REPORT ABOUT TRUMP RALLY SIZE)