Michael Moore Isn’t Done Trolling Trump — Now He’s Taking Aim At The Wall

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Director Michael Moore has directed another attack on President Donald Trump — and this time he’s poking fun at the fact that the president has been unable to secure the funding for the border wall that he promised throughout his campaign.

Modifying the iconic Pink Floyd line, “all in all, you’re just another brick in the wall,” Moore tweeted “all in all, your’e just another prick with no wall” — complete with a misplaced apostrophe.

President Trump asked for $25 billion in funding for the border wall, but so far, funding has been difficult to come by — the compromise bill that is currently held up in the House would not even provide ten percent of what he’s asked.

Moore has been attacking President Trump on a fairly consistent basis since the campaign, and recently organized a protest to greet unaccompanied children who were flown to New York after being taken into custody at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Moore also announced several weeks ago that he had the information to take down both President Trump and the recently-fired Roseanne Barr.