Mom Whose Child Was Killed By Illegal Alien Has Message For Mother Of Viral Child ‘Separation’ Photo

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics

A viral image of a crying child that made it into hundreds of news stories and onto the cover of TIME magazine has turned out to not represent the narrative the media foisted on the photo. The was not an example of child separation, as the media indicated. In fact, the mother was never separated from her daughter, was not fleeing violence, and was deported once before years ago.

The father of the child was upset with the mother for making the illegal, dangerous journey with the young girl to look for a better job. A selfie of the family has since gone viral as the narrative unravels.

A mother whose child was slain took a veiled shot at the illegal immigrant mother in an event at the White House Friday. Michelle Wilson-Root had her daughter killed by an illegal immigrant in 2016. According to the bio the White House posted:

Wilson-Root lost her 21-year old daughter Sarah Root in 2016 following a vehicular accident allegedly caused by Edwin Mejia — who had entered the country illegally and, as a result of “catch-and-release” loopholes, was released into the U.S. interior as an Unaccompanied Alien Child (UAC). According to media reports, Mejia’s blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit.”

In her emotional remarks, Wilson-Root said “Our separation is permanent. Sarah never gets to go on to be a wife, a mother, a grandmother, an aunt. My son does not have his only sibling any longer. My life has been devastated. So has my daughter’s family and friends.”

“You know, President Trump was one of the first ones to reach out to my family,” Wilson-Root said, “He has been there from the beginning. Never left our side. Now we just need to get my daughter’s killer found.”

Then, Again, Wilson-Root took a shot at the mother of the viral photo “Sarah is never coming home. I never get to take a selfie with her again. I have no more pictures of her,” Root said.  “Our police officers, our border patrol, please continue to fight,” Wilson-Root concluded.