Crowd Chants ‘Build The Wall!’ During Trump’s Rally For Sen. Heller

Mike Brest Reporter
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The crowd at the Nevada GOP Convention broke out into “build the wall!” chants on Saturday after President Trump talked about immigration and border control.


“We have to have strong borders. We are going to have the wall. We are going to have the wall. We have already started it. We have started it, we’ve started it in San Diego,” President Trump said.

Then the crowd began chanting, “Build the wall.”

“We are going to have the wall and restarted it. We have $1.6 billion,” he continued. “We have started it, we are fixing it and building new and we are starting it. We will build for a lot less money than these people think. A lot less money, but we’re getting the wall built.”

President Trump was in Nevada campaigning on behalf of Senator Dean Heller, who’s running for reelection. He will be going up against Congressman Jacky Rosen. The president nicknamed her “Wacky Jacky” during his speech.