Black Men Shouldn’t Speak: NY Prof Triples Down On Identity Politics


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Stony Brook University professor Crystal Fleming wants to silence men from speaking publicly if they haven’t studied the “work” of black women, according to her series of tweets on Friday.

“I don’t think black men should be allowed to speak about ANYTHING in public without first studying black women’s work,” Fleming said.

She originally only stated that black men shouldn’t discuss topics about race.

In other tweets, Fleming declared all Trump supporters as racist and attacked First Lady Melania Trump’s wardrobe choices. Fleming believes “genderqueer and nonbinary black folks” deserve special acknowledgement and even apologized for not initially tweeting about them.

She seemingly rejected white feminism because it doesn’t account for the specific oppression of black women.

The Daily Caller has repeatedly requested comment from Fleming but has not received a response.

Fleming has penned multiple op-eds on race and white supremacy. She is conducting a “How To Be Less Stupid About Race” lecture at Indiana University Bloomington this September. (RELATED: University Hosts ‘How To Be Less Stupid About Race’ Lecture)