WATCH: Hillary Gloats Over Trump Ending Family Separations At The Border

Hannah Peters/Getty Images

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke out on the Trump administration ending family separations at the border during a recent event.

Clinton said that America was living in a “dark hour.”


“Americans from every political background, ideology, and walk of life watched heartbroken and outraged as immigrant families were ripped apart and children were treated cruelly as political pawns,” Clinton said during a speech in Ireland. (RELATED: Republicans Have A Plan For 2018 — It’s Terrible News For Hillary Clinton)

“Yet, even in this dark hour, we are witnessing an outpouring of moral conviction, civic engagement, and lasting commitment to stand up for the most vulnerable among us,” she added. “In fact, it was because of the outcry from every corner of our country, and indeed, from around the world, that the Trump administration was finally forced to take at least a step toward ending family separation.” (RELATED: BOOK: In Private, Hillary Would Always Say That Trump Supporters Were ‘Deplorable’ During The Campaign)

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