President Trump Gives Nevada Senate Candidate Nickname ‘Wacky Jacky’

Mike Brest Reporter
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President Trump gave Congresswoman Jacky Rosen a new nickname while speaking on behalf of Senator Dean Heller at the Nevada GOP Convention Saturday afternoon.


“And I have to tell you, his opponent wants to raise taxes, she wants to raise taxes. Think of it. I mean, it’s ridiculous. Should I mention her name? I have a great nickname for her actually but I’m not going to,” President Trump stated.

Senator Heller, a Republican, and Rosen, a Democrat, are competing in one of the most heated races come November, with both parties believing they can with this seat.

The crowd got loud and pleaded for the president to share the nickname.

“All right, I won’t do it, wacky Jackie,” he relented and announced.

The audience screamed and cheered at the nickname.

“They call her wacky Jackie, that’s what you want for your senator?” the president added. “She wants to raise taxes and I think somebody said she’s in Nevada right now campaigning with Pocahontas. She’s campaigning with Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to as Pocahontas.”